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Tetsuo Shima

genmaes on 5. Mar, 2012 — Lang: No text

Tetsuo Shima
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  • stihl 21.3.2020
  • Varg 13.6.2012
    Serously underrated!! Pure awesome!!
  • gregheffleydude1 18.5.2012
    Great job.
  • MadameCercle 11.4.2012
    * * *
  • calm 18.3.2012
    You have doubt about it! :-)
  • Argami 14.3.2012
    I love it!! You are an awsome artist! :)
  • Magique 8.3.2012
  • Heretic 7.3.2012
    Everything withing the anime was great, but for some reason most of the people seem to remember that bike scene best; with lights dragging behind... God damn CGI!
  • genmaes 6.3.2012
    I went to the cinema with a cousin older than me and at the very beginning when lights of... Ayurika? (I can remenber the name of the pub sorry) star to flicker I thoght it was a scale model, you know, like thunderbirds, after that came the bikes scene and all my live change at that point. Now I have all the collection in the original black and white. Great comic.

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  • benjamin895 6.3.2012
    wow, well done. i like the big head, it suits him i think:)
  • genmaes 6.3.2012
    Yes maybe the head is too much big because he has a really big head but maybe not so big.
  • 35sheep 6.3.2012
  • Quag54 6.3.2012
    He's got a massive head !!
  • genmaes 6.3.2012
    Yep from time to time I can post to manga style to make a kind of mangaring and also achive my desire of power and notoriety Wajajajajajajaja.
    Here you can find lots of people that draw manga style sooo good so could be a good contest.
  • Maoriman 6.3.2012
    Strip reply it to the Manga ones^^ Dude there needs to be a manga drawing contest...
  • genmaes 6.3.2012
    LOL I don´t use to do it. I have just reply to one of my own strips (it looks like a little bit of selfish) Usually I place a strip reply when I see some kind of relation betwen a strip and mines.

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  • Maoriman 6.3.2012
    Holy Sheep Shit! How good is this dude?

    You need to strip reply this to get the ratings up. This needs more exposure...

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  • Ambrosius77 6.3.2012
    thank you I can follow you!!!

    excellent as always
  • Marle 6.3.2012
    Woahh, I loved the akira manga/movie! This is great! Faved!
  • Magique 5.3.2012
    very nice

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