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greta_grot on 1. Mar, 2012 — Lang: No text

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  • JUma 19.4.2014
    what a....O.o

  • abrotons 16.3.2014
  • TitiVonTranz 16.3.2014
    Wow! Amazing work! XXX
  • Varg 12.6.2012
    This is gorgeous!! Really awesome!! Faved!
  • greta_grot 7.3.2012
    :D thanks luv!
  • Ambrosius77 7.3.2012
    Really impressive greta!
  • Bruce889 5.3.2012
    Nice job
  • asfaltocaldo 3.3.2012
    grand image, interesting experiment - you've been good at avoiding the engine burning out with such a complex strip!
  • greta_grot 2.3.2012
    thanks so much , i only wish that the engine didnt start to slow down when its data memory and my slow computer started to get full. it made making the mouth and hair and facial structure difficult to finish.and my cursor went on egg-timer several times and i was just sure it was going to crash. i was kinda shaking and sweating lol
  • gregheffleydude1 2.3.2012
    Very cool.
  • cirkuz 2.3.2012
    good idea and design
  • createnow 1.3.2012
    omg she is so beautiful. and what an amazing texture!

    this i will favourite^^
  • opeluna1 1.3.2012
    excellent new approach
  • Maoriman 1.3.2012
    Okay this officially qualifies as BLOODY BRILLIANT!!
  • gianttwins 1.3.2012
    nicely done
  • Azzie13 1.3.2012
    The only thing that turns me on,
    Is a soulful song!
  • vogelbekdier 1.3.2012
    impressive stuff
  • Kio 1.3.2012
    WOW! Awesome texture; beautiful lady :) / Your style is so cool! :)

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