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genmaes on 29. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

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    He is so hot.

    Yea, and hansome.

    Who? He? C´mon he is like me.

    Dream on!
    He is a man not just a child that plays with "draw tools".

    Yeap, what he say is true.

    Oh I see. Just for your information. He is 35sheeporiman a famous SG artist.

    Now. Don´t you have nothing to say?

    Me too.

    Yes. Tell him that he can use me as a model for her pictures.


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  • calm 18.3.2012
    LOL! You're a great artist and funnt too!:-)
  • Ambrosius77 6.3.2012
    hahahahaha so funny
  • Maoriman 2.3.2012
    And I like how you avoided the copyright problem:DDD
  • Maoriman 2.3.2012
    Hahahahaha the dudes in the last panel are doing a "Pukana"...
  • QuickRedFox 1.3.2012
    cool. huh.
  • genmaes 1.3.2012
    I just picked the names of two famous in SG and place toguether to avoid that you could ask for copyright :P
  • 35sheep 1.3.2012
    PS: LOVE your work here!
  • 35sheep 1.3.2012
    35sheeporiman? My awsome looks and Maorimans ... hair? ;-P
  • Magique 1.3.2012
  • genmaes 1.3.2012
    Ummmm let me think, let me think. So I write the text and after that I click just one time in the text box that apears the tools to move the box and then it will not cou it, isn´t it? If I have more than one text box I have to click in every text box just one time before publish, isn´t it? Thanks a lot. That thing really anoys me.
  • cirkuz 1.3.2012
    if you click on the text boxes b4 you publish your strip your text wont get cut off...
  • Heretic 29.2.2012
    Nice one.
  • Azzie13 29.2.2012
    XD girls are evil things >:)
  • qenene 29.2.2012
    Tell them he's using a wig... :D

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