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Evolution of a character

genmaes on 28. Feb, 2012 — Lang: No text

Evolution of a character
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    Here you can find an evolution of a character since first desing to final one. Indeed the first one looks like him in his young age :P

    draw, tutorial
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  • stihl 21.3.2020
  • Magique 1.3.2012
    Cool x)
  • OccamsRayzor 28.2.2012
    He evolved a neck :D
  • calm 28.2.2012
    WOW! Looks great! :-)
  • Neinire 28.2.2012
    fantastic, its growing:)
  • qenene 28.2.2012
    Ya, es como lo de las distintas expresiones de Clint Eastwood (o tantos otros actores duros)
  • wich 28.2.2012
    Cool :)
  • genmaes 28.2.2012
    Yep the idea is the same. I only change the nose and the neck
  • Quag54 28.2.2012
    Ok. He looks the same to me. The twirly body effect
    is cool.

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