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Empire of Ghana rise and Fall

Maya_M on 28. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

Empire of Ghana rise and Fall
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    Ghana started out with 2 cities surrounded by a wall.

    Goats for sale!

    Pigs for sale!

    Ghana also deeveloped by taxing traders in Trading posts

    Ugg I had to pay 2 coins!

    Yes! I got my sundial!

    Exelante, I got my money!

    Traders used Silent bartering to trade with people who didn't speak thier language, it also promoted trust.

    I will offer you protection

    The empire grew because they took over neighbors and offered them protection.

    Everyone was so eager to go to Ghana because of the easy access of gold, the king made it illegal for anyone to have gold bars except him.

    We only get gold coins!

    Only the king cana get bars of gold!

    You will convert to Islam!

    There was a severe drought

    People bypassed Ghana


    These are the 3 reasons why ghana fell

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