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A traiter turned ally

ChristopherS on 23. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

A traiter turned ally
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    When Killmore bursts in on the team carrying L's head things start to turn around. Can this be the start of a new partnership?



    Attacking Bob like that wasn't wise.

    Agreed. And attacking Killmore was even less wise. What with how dangerous he is.

    I understand but you must realise it was in self def...



    Damn. We've been found. Get ready.


    Hiya, fellas.

    Killmore. Gun him down.

    Now hold it.

    Just tought I'd bring ya'll a litle present.

    L's head?

    Da jackass figured me out so he hadda go.

    Figured you out?

    As if you'd tink I'd gone straight, Zolty. I'ma born killa and nuttin gonna change dat. I tought our past might be sometin ta work on for a gang up on da government.

    Hmm. For once you might have something there, Killmore. Ok, You're in.

    Just one rule. No killing your own team. I know what you're like.

    Awww. Ya never let me 'ave any fun, Zolty.

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