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Blast From the Past: Episode 2

SnakeYukin on 22. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

Blast From the Past: Episode 2
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    Sorta a quickie. Now we get a face to the person behind this plot.

    This strip is a reply to Blast From the Past: Episode 1



    Are you sure you gonna be alright?

    Aw, how sweet of you to care about me?

    If you die, I'll die too, remember that.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. I'll be fine as soon as things settle.

    So what now eh?

    What do you mean?

    Those guys were on to you. They'll be searching for us.

    True. They're probably searching the area now. Others will be at locations I might run to.

    But... their outfit... their tactics. What do they want with me and who's behind them?

    That would be me!

    And just who are you?

    You don't look well Stephen.

    You don't remember me... oh well...

    That isn't important. But you are coming with me.

    Heh, really? I don't think so lady. Going with people that want me dead isn't smart.

    This can go as painless or painful as you like, but you are coming with me?

    Trust me, picking a fight isn't best.

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