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The punishment for failure...

ChristopherS on 21. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

The punishment for failure...
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    After having his missing hand dealt with Bob is called in for a meeting with the boss who isn't happy about his latest failure. He is asigned a new member to the team and he doesn't like it. He will have to get used to it. The bosses word is law.



    Yes, I understand but...

    I don't want to hear it.

    You have failed again. This is a third time.

    If you fail me one more time then I will have you personaly executed.

    Yes. I understand.

    Do you realy? I don't believe you do. And that's why I'm giving you some help.

    Help? I have enough help from Killmore and L. What more do I need?

    Help that can kill without spending time making witty comments. Help that can kill without question. Help you yourself are not worthy of. You may be the nearly invincible member of the team but your recent failure has proven that you are not as reliable as you first made out to be. Therefore I am asigning to your unit the most skilled and silent combatant I have under my hire.

    No. You don't mean...


    ...the White Cleaver.

    Now I trust you will succeed this time without question.

    Don't worry. On out next encounter he's as good as dead.

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  • Magique 3.3.2012
  • DevilCatsComics 3.3.2012
    Interesting........let's see how this plays out
  • ChristopherS 22.2.2012
    He's from the Skullduggery Pleasant novel seires. He's F**K OFF AWSOME! Also I used his picture for my avatar.
  • dadebomb123 21.2.2012
    hmmm... this might be wile he is still working for he government... therefore adding more of a backround to bob... intersting
  • ChristopherS 21.2.2012
    I apologise for the overlapped speach box in the second frame. A mistake during the creation of the strip that went unnoticed untill it was published. It is supposed to say "This is a third time."

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