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The betrayal of Skull p.3

NeoChomik on 17. Feb, 2012 — Lang: Polski

The betrayal of Skull p.3
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  • julian724 15.2.2017
    so I'm guessing the gun jesto used here is just a normal gun?
  • Sym 13.4.2013
    I love your comics Neo, and your character designs are unique. You're really good at creating action :D
  • nunexis 12.1.2013
  • paco_de_pinda 31.7.2012
    Very cool again^^
  • Maoriman 20.2.2012
    Action packed - coolio...
  • dadebomb123 19.2.2012
  • Flamingdeath 18.2.2012
  • Kio 18.2.2012
    Flashlights? A lot of them if that is the case
  • 35sheep 18.2.2012
    Did he just get nuked?
  • benjamin895 18.2.2012
    intense.. great strip!
  • markmahem 18.2.2012
    Doesnt get any better than this.

  • Ambrosius77 18.2.2012
    I'm your forsaken the fallen from grace
    Horror of evil created mistake
    Ruthless and wicked I feast with the damned
    I am the cyst on your lord's holy lamb
    Fuck your religion with blood on it's hands
    Forgive the savior forget about man
    Profits for heaven build kingdoms of greed
    Whoring redempter embezzle the weak
    I am no one without me he's unknown
    Darkness gives power to light up his throne
    Descend on earth in angelic display
    The time has come to undo his restraints

    I'm the temptation that swallowed his eve
    God's inhibitions leave nothing to see
    Hatred and anger conceived from the dust
    I am the shame and the filth of their lust
    Forfeit the savior for cleansing of sins
    Relive the site of his crucifixion
    Tragedy follows the wealth of your faith
    Holy disorder has fell into place
    Banished from heaven unsatisfied soul
    Out of the way of Jehovah's control
    Let upon earth to evoke it's decay
    The time has come for your god to take blame
  • Magique 17.2.2012
    cool Neo :D


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