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13 Hours

anonymous on 17. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

13 Hours
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    The most am(tr)az(g)i(c)ng love story ever written, of two people in love, separated by thirteen hours between two polar opposite ends of the world.




    The Orchid

    She seems different than the others...

    Hmm, he likes to bite while kissing

    Hey, I think you're pretty awesome.

    You're not too shabby yourself.

    A month later (during a phone conversation)...

    Orchid, I want to marry the shit out of you.

    Of course, Beast. But only right after I date you real hard.

    Some more time passes, until one weekend, it was DVD Night...

    "True Romance" DVD

    DVD Night = talk to each other on phone while both watching same movie at the same time

    I hate you.

    I stil love you.

    I love you.

    I love you too.

    Two months later...

    I still love you too.

    But ugh, I despise you.

    6 months later, an air ticket was organised for The Beast to meet The Orchid...

    I can't wait to finally be with you, baby.

    Sigh, I know. It's been long enough.

    2 weeks prior to flight, passport application...


    "Love lives on hope,
    and dies when hope is dead..."

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    "Once in a lifetime, someone breaks your heart. And if you still feel to hold that person with every broken piece,
    that amazing pain
    is called...

    True Love

    10 months later...

    “If you are not long, I will wait for you all my life.”

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    Her and I are dating now.

    Devastated. Depressed. Hurt. Numb. In denial. Angry. Despair.



    relationship, love, distance, hope, hurt, forever, waiting
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