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Tutorial: Star-ish background!

Kio on 13. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

Tutorial: Star-ish background!
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  • fredericbaylot 6.12.2013
    Utilité pour le fond de ce strip :
  • JUma 7.2.2013
  • Fiolet 8.11.2012
    O__o I feel so stupid now.
    Thank you VERY much, I'm going to keep this with me. ^^
  • MisterB 31.3.2012
    Fantastic tutorial, thanks Kio.
  • Kio 17.3.2012
    Thank you, @Ancyd and @sulegnA :)
    @Calm: Glad you're liking it! Be sure to try it out one time! I would love to see something "out of this world" from you, with your lovely and wonderful style!
  • calm 17.3.2012
    Oh my goodness! That's a wonderful trick! Faving! :-)
  • Ancyd 26.2.2012
    Awesome! SO helpful!
  • sulegnA 20.2.2012
  • Kio 17.2.2012
    Thank you friends, this "secret" was for you, from me :) - I discovered it when I was messing around, experimenting with some new textures; suddenly, I came across this! :)

    @Maoriman, I appreciate your wish, that I'll do more strips; it is a nice thing of you to say, actually! :)
    - I'll do more strips this upcoming week, since I have one week "vacation" from school!
  • Maoriman 17.2.2012
    C'mon do more strips, please...
  • Stiltsen 15.2.2012
    Cool! congrats.
  • benjamin895 15.2.2012
    wow, fantastic work... great tutorial kio:)

  • Varg 14.2.2012
    That´s a very nice trick! Grats on bribed as well!!
  • Quag54 14.2.2012
    Great tut and Congratz !
  • Kio 14.2.2012
    Here we go with the surrealistic feeling again! I can't believe you guys bribed me two days in a row; double bribed! Once again, I will have an awesome day; because of you :)! After reading all the comments, my frozen heart are now warm; and I find that very magical in such a cold February evening here in Norway! I hope I'll save you for a lot of time creating stars one by one; but I think you should choose the method that fits you :)

    - You're the best, and I am thanking you all for a double-bribed! Still, have a nice day friends! :)
  • hellopeople82 14.2.2012
    Conga & Thanks!
  • 35sheep 14.2.2012
    Great tut - thanks kio!
  • stihl 14.2.2012
  • Magique 14.2.2012
  • wich 14.2.2012
    So cool ! - THANKS AND GRATZ !

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