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Domestic violence

MissFrankenstein on 6. Feb, 2012 — Lang: No text

Domestic violence
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  • AverageGuy 21.4.2015
    Sad. But it looks like he is going for a high-five.
  • Elgar 12.2.2012
    sad problem...


    edited by owner

  • markmahem 11.2.2012
    Its sad, but its reality.
  • sulegnA 9.2.2012
    :S don't hit women
  • genmaes 8.2.2012
    Sad true. Congratulations for the bribed. Specially this kind of strips.
  • Doll 8.2.2012
    You deserved a bribe with this strip! I really admire the outlines of you strip... I have a hard time working in dark tones so I think this really is great! Keep up the good stuffs!
  • opeluna1 8.2.2012
    so good this has been bribed
  • Maoriman 7.2.2012
    Congraty on a awareness bribed...
  • hellopeople82 7.2.2012
    I CALLED IT!!!! LOOK BELOW AND YOU WILL SEE ME SAYING, 'This will most likely be bribed.' HA!
  • Stiltsen 7.2.2012
    Great art, congrats!
  • MissFrankenstein 7.2.2012
    Thank you for bribing this :)

    @ Longer: jo jo, občas jsou na Novinkách solidní bláboly :D A vždycky mě baví pročítat ty názory lidí, kolikrát taky dobrý kecy :D
  • Mrx35 7.2.2012
    contgrats on being brided.
  • gregheffleydude1 7.2.2012
    Gratz on bribed!
  • 35sheep 7.2.2012
    Great bribed - grats Frankie!
  • Heinrich 7.2.2012
    domestic violence is a reality ... a painful one ... didn't see much being done towards overcoming this
  • Gota 7.2.2012
    High Five? :P
  • muppetauthor5 7.2.2012
    Fantastic image
  • Magique 7.2.2012
    great strip for a dramatic issue, brilliant image too
    conga on bribed !
  • asfaltocaldo 7.2.2012
    great strip for a dramatic issue, brilliant image too
    conga on bribed!
  • stihl 7.2.2012

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