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Sorrow of a Glass God

Streetin on 6. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

Sorrow of a Glass God
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    The Modrarian Skydwellers were an undenyably arrogant society. Because of thier choice location in the sky, they believed thmselves to be above all of the rest. To them thier society was perfect and better than any other. Thier close-knit communites lived on the gigantic pike of Modroria, which was a patchwork tower of wood and metal.

    One such Modrarian was named Nieral. This certain individual was consistantly up-beat, and beloved by his friends.

    However, one unfortunate day on a skyboat he stumbled off and plumetted to his doom. Though those close to him would never admit, he was intoxicated when this event occured.

    This occurance left everyone who knew him in despair. He was so beloved by his community that they made thier minds up to bring him back...

    One of the local craftsmen build a spindly humanoid model out of glass as Nieral's new body. They felt this would show his true beauty by creating a glimmering lightshow whenever he was around. Then they ventured down the great pike to obtain his body.

    A very mysterious and strange shaman claimed that he breath Nieral's soul into the glass model. Overjoyed, they instantly brought him to work and paid him to do so. Indeed, the shaman did transport his soul into his new glass body. However, Nieral would never be the same. Ever since, he felt a sense of a great loss, as if a peice of his soul was missing. Perhaps the only two emotions that he could ever muster again were loss and Sorrow.

    While Nieral was forever in depression, his community was utterly euphoric. After hearing that a Modrarian came back to life in teh form of a great glass being, the skydwellers began to worship him as a demi-god. Soon he was appointed as the "God" and ruler of the Modrarian Pike. His days were spent sitting around longing for what he once was, continuously surrounded by his loyal fans and worhsippers. He never wanted to be worhipped, he just wanted to live.

    fantasy, streetin, short story
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  • sulegnA 9.2.2012
    favs, too much in english

    edited by owner

  • Flamingdeath 9.2.2012
    faved,dude this is epic
  • gregheffleydude1 8.2.2012
    Good job.
  • dawg123 6.2.2012
    Love it all!
  • Spunkn 6.2.2012
    Well written, beautiful art work, as always! Great strip!
  • Quag54 6.2.2012
    Yes, what they said.
  • MissFrankenstein 6.2.2012
    Wow... very interesting story, and awesome drawing!
    Really amazing :)

    And faved :)

    edited by owner

  • Magique 6.2.2012
    Amazing story - good to see you active again old friend.
  • Maoriman 6.2.2012
    Amazing story - good to see you active again old friend...
  • Streetin 6.2.2012
    Thanks everyone!
  • benjamin895 6.2.2012
    great story mate.. not to mention the visuals

    epic strip:)
  • NeoChomik 6.2.2012
    what a story!
  • Neinire 6.2.2012
    fantastic styl, interesting story, love it
  • 35sheep 6.2.2012
    This is amazing - love it!
  • OccamsRayzor 6.2.2012
    Very nice graphics, with a beautiful blended sky, and an interesting fantasy story. The design reminds me of that in the game "World of Goo".
    The only negative point for me is the spelling errors - otherwise a perfect strip.
  • ourWorld_Online 6.2.2012
    wonderful story and art. faved.

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