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Over Spilt Blood...

MissFrankenstein on 1. Feb, 2012 — Lang: English

Over Spilt Blood...
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    "He's a homicidal genius
    who never leaves a trace,
    no one knows his name
    or has ever seen his face.
    He's the king of the cannibals,
    the lord of the ghouls,
    a madman out of control,
    a psycho on the loose."
    (lyrics: "King of the Cannibals" by BZFOS)

    (Nope, he's not supposed to be Freddy Krueger, just some cross between Freddy and some other psychotic killers.)

    This strip is a reply to Krueger...



    has ever seen his face...

    no one knows his name or

    who never leaves a trace

    He's a homicidal genius

    frankenstein, killer, psycho, dark, homicide, murder, scary, spilt blood, blood
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