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A rose blooms

ChristopherS on 27. Jan, 2012 — Lang: No text

A rose blooms
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  • stihl 28.1.2012
  • MissFrankenstein 28.1.2012
    @ Christopher: I like playing with Photoshop, too :)
    I can't do much with it, but I enjoy it :)
  • dadebomb123 28.1.2012
  • Heinrich 28.1.2012
    is it ok if I say ... aaawwww :)
  • ChristopherS 28.1.2012
    Maybe. However it is excelently crafted. You have a masters hand at such work. My best artistic skill is with photoshop. I'm best off with the flash adobe version. I'm also kinda good at monoprinting. You, on the other hand, are a genius with this site and I'll bet even more.
  • MissFrankenstein 27.1.2012
    That really makes me happy to hear such nice words :)
    Thank you :)

    Though the letter "s" looks ugly as hell, I might redo it later.
  • ChristopherS 27.1.2012
    A small tribute. I simply had to. You are the rose to me. (I promise I'm not coming on to you in that sort of way, I just think you have the kindred spirit of a rose).
  • MissFrankenstein 27.1.2012
    That's so sweet of you!
    Absolutely amazing, I love it, faved :)

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