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wich on 26. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

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    Ask yourself how much you spend time on SG and if you couldn't spend this time for other activities in real life.

    WICH, ?, Phillosophy
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  • gregsteil 30.1.2012
    nice one
  • Elgar 30.1.2012
    hmm.... moc moc času... :(
  • gregheffleydude1 30.1.2012
    I <3 SG!
  • Argami 27.1.2012
    HAHAHAHA It is REALLY (so really) true! Favs, Oh no, I'm spending time again :P
  • Quag54 27.1.2012
    Like Ben and Maoriman said, I like having SG for the down time at work. I can't look a porn here. : )
  • Maoriman 27.1.2012
    Good question - love unwinding on S.G. Even when I'm uninspired I like coming and thumbing up strips. I'm also lucky cause I can jump on it on my down time at work...
  • benjamin895 27.1.2012
    i have asked myself this question before and so have my family and friends.. more than once lol.. but i like SG because its a quiet place where i can relax and express myself.. i love art and creating art in various mediums.

    i enjoy reading and viewing the artwork/ comics of others aswell..

    i try to work in a couple of hours a day on SG if the wife gives me the ok that is:P
  • qenene 27.1.2012
    I'm not here, you didn't see me.
  • MissFrankenstein 27.1.2012
    Pravda, pravda.
    Ale čas strávenej tvůrčí činností nikdy není promarněnej :)
  • opeluna1 26.1.2012
    agree with Neo, somehow bothers me and makes me sad and unispired
    my real life is hectic at the moment and SG was the place to relax, no so much lately though...
  • Heinrich 26.1.2012
    @NeoChomik ... the level up system perhaps
  • NeoChomik 26.1.2012
    I basicly reduced the time for SG. Mostly because i have a feeling the quality dropped down. not sure why though
  • sulegnA 26.1.2012
    in my case, i spend time in SG only in my work, i flip between my work activities and SG activities. that are the 8,9 or 10 hours that i have to stay in my work place working in the computer. my other time i spend it with my familie, friends or girlfriend, or reading sometimes.
  • dustutuft 26.1.2012
    I don't spend much time on SG anymore.:S
  • Ambrosius77 26.1.2012
    I need more strip like this and feedback from my friends to reconsider my life and what i would like to do with that.
  • Ambrosius77 26.1.2012
    The problem is that I have not enough time for SG even.
    SG is the place of creativity and creation for me.
    I am wasting a lot of time on other things those do not even worth a second of my life.

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