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Who Are They?

Maoriman on 24. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

Who Are They?
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  • awsomedude 16.2.2012
    1.Some sorta mokey thingy
    2.Homer with a beard
    3.Humpty Dumty with a raidater! :D
  • scorpion6782 29.1.2012
    Number 2 looks like hank hill, other then that i dunno
  • Tproductions 28.1.2012
    Great work ;D
  • asfaltocaldo 26.1.2012
    could guess only D. Craig - great caricatures!
    conga on bribed!
  • DLRAAR 26.1.2012
    1-Daniel Craig
    2-Chuck Norris
    3-Humpty Dumpty?
  • Streetin 25.1.2012
    1 is definitely George bush
  • sulegnA 25.1.2012
  • ChristopherS 25.1.2012
    1. Beethoven
    2. Homer Simpson in glasses
    3. Chorizo
  • wich 25.1.2012
    Haha - really cool Daniel !!!! :D :D
  • terwallace 25.1.2012
    Nice work!
  • opeluna1 25.1.2012
    now I see them...damn
    cool bribed, congratz!
  • stihl 25.1.2012
    bert,roggre,wc !!!
  • Zoltar 25.1.2012
    2)Arnold Shwarzenegger
    3) CHORIZOOO !!! :D
    (I know, I am just messing with ya)
    CONGA !!!!!!!
  • Ambrosius77 25.1.2012
    I figured it out yesterday just not commented. The action hero hint helped me a lot.
    I was not sure about Charles Bronson and Judge Dredd as Dredd has a different kind of gun and helmet
  • Maoriman 25.1.2012
    @MissFrankenstein Yeah, I will...once I complete these three I'll do a few more...
  • MissFrankenstein 25.1.2012
    LOL @ Benjamin :D
    Yep, No. 3 is definitelly Humpty Dumpty! :D

    Gratz on bribed, Maori. Will you continue drawing caricatures for us to guess who are they? :)
  • Maoriman 25.1.2012
    @Heinrich Yeah dude, pretty cool what the old school boyz and girlz can do with the limited tools they have - never ceases to amaze me...
  • Heinrich 25.1.2012
    Hard no. 1 ;)

    reg. "the eyes" I thumbed it up yesterday, wish I had more thumbs :)
  • Maoriman 25.1.2012
    And the last one goes to artist with a great imagination...
    Well done Gota!

    1. Daniel Craig
    2. Arnie
    3. Judge Dredd

    Everybody please check and thumb this...

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  • benjamin895 25.1.2012
    @kenny how the hell did you get judge dredd from that?? ...well spotted mate;) i still think it's humpty dumpty though..

    gratz on bribed M:)

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