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7 Days a Psycho: Episode 5

MissFrankenstein on 21. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

7 Days a Psycho: Episode 5
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    Finally a little spark of hope? We will see...

    And if you noticed a little "upgrade" - the doors now have knobs! :D

    - - -
    "Seven Days a Psycho" is supposed to be a seven-episodes long comic (ideally, one episode each day for 7 days).
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    This strip is a reply to 7 Days a Psycho: Episode 4



    And so I just ran...

    In a hallway, I decided not to

    I hope there is another way out.

    take the door

    I tried the other door.


    with on its knob.


    As I began to fall into desperation...

    ... I noticed a huge crack

    in the window pane.

    A little smirk appeared on my face,

    and I raised my baseball bat...


    days a psycho

    Ep. V

    seven, 7 days a psycho, black and white, frankenstein, haunted, haunted house, psycho, comic, horror, thriller, noir
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