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The Man in the Moon

MJardin on 20. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

The Man in the Moon
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    I ran across this poem last week and could not get it out of my head.
    Who is Billy Collins?

    This strip is a reply to Shine on you Crazy Diamond, Haiku 5



    The Man in the Moon

    Billy Collins

    He used to frighten me in the nights
    of childhood
    the wide adult face, enormous, aloft
    I could not imagine such loneliness, such coldness

    But tonight, as I drive home over
    these hilly roads
    I see him sinking behind stands of winter trees
    and rising again to show his familiar face

    And when he comes into full view
    over open fields
    he looks like a young man who has fallen in love
    with the dark earth

    A pale bachelor, well-groomed
    and full of melancholy
    his round mouth open
    as if he had just broken into song.

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