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"Night in the coal mine" in 54 minutes flat!

35sheep on 16. Jan, 2012 — Lang: No text

"Night in the coal mine" in 54 minutes flat!
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  • stihl 26.10.2012
  • abrotons 22.8.2012
  • Elgar 27.1.2012
  • MadameCercle 17.1.2012
    Vous croyez ?
  • 35sheep 17.1.2012
    18 likes? You guys are CWAZY!!! PS: Check out the booklet: ;-)
  • Maoriman 17.1.2012
    Damn! I don't know how you make these strips so quickly^^
  • NathanTo 16.1.2012
    It does take a while to drag something!
  • gregheffleydude1 16.1.2012
    Funny strip.
  • Zoltar 16.1.2012
  • 35sheep 16.1.2012
    @zoltar: I'm not complaining! :-)
  • wich 16.1.2012
    I can't understand it - it is so AWESOME !!!!!!
  • Zoltar 16.1.2012
    @35sheep I saw the drawing! he gave you more hair ! :D
  • 35sheep 16.1.2012
    @ambro: You had me there for a minute! :-D

    I recognize my self - it's a great portrait!
  • Neinire 16.1.2012
    really hard work yop?:D:D
  • MJardin 16.1.2012
    I thought this was a gorilla in a closet at midnight.
  • qenene 16.1.2012
    You're skills drawing the darkness are increasing with the practice...
  • Heinrich 16.1.2012
    your black is blacker than mine; nice piece

    I almost hit the Like button :), then I realized maybe you are trying to highlight the vulnerabilities of SG and the "like"ness feature, so I refrained.

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  • Ambrosius77 16.1.2012
    Do You make fun of me sheepy?

    You already pissed me off because you sent the same resolution file from your old avatar picture and I have wasted more than a hour for take out the most of it and i still not satisfied the final result.
    How could I make a badass superhero/villain from you then?

    Just kidding :D I would be glad if you check my work in my library and told me you recognize yourself on it or not... :D
  • 35sheep 16.1.2012
    Oh - check out my booklet:

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