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7 Days a Psycho: Episode 2

MissFrankenstein on 15. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

7 Days a Psycho: Episode 2
  • Description

    And the nightmare continues...
    In this episode, I realy like how I made the windows. Especially the one on the close-up. Love the spooky silhouettes of the... "thorned weed" or whatever it looks like.

    Anyway, I think I'll change the shedule a bit, so there's gonna be an episode every other day or so.
    It still takes me a hell of a lot time to position the frames and experiment with every single object to make it look as creepy as I can :)

    - - -
    "Seven Days a Psycho" is supposed to be a seven-episodes long comic (ideally, one episode each day for 7 days).
    - - -

    This strip is a reply to 7 Days a Psycho: Episode 1



    Poor light was coming from two

    dirty windows.


    7 days a psycho Ep. II

    The door were unlocked...

    I glanced around the backroom.

    A baseball bat caught my eye,

    so I took it with me.

    ... and I stepped into the gloom...

    ...inside the next room.

    I found myself in a corridor.

    I could almost feel

    the cold breeze outside.

    I took a look from one of the windows.

    Just as I turned my back, I heard a sound.

    I stepped away from the window...

    ... and then, just a moment later

    I saw it.

    It was like a silent...

    hissing of some sort.

    psycho, noir, comic, frankenstein, 7 days a psycho, seven, black and white, haunted, gloomy, haunted house, horror, thiller, dark
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  • ChristopherS 27.1.2012
  • benjamin895 21.1.2012
    always keep a bat handy;)
  • Elgar 17.1.2012
    oh Yeah. pokračovat. pokračovat :D
  • sulegnA 16.1.2012
    good story
  • Gota 16.1.2012
    Good job grabbing the bat, in scary movies people tend not to grab any weapons but grab bananas ;D

    But better hold onto that bat...... otherwise it wouldn't be of much use!
  • dadebomb123 16.1.2012
    oh crap
  • 35sheep 16.1.2012
    HEY! Leave the asses out of it! :-)

    Great strip, F!
  • MissFrankenstein 16.1.2012
    Lol... no Kenny, nothing THAT horrifying :D
  • kennyreid 16.1.2012
    WHAT IS IT!!! is it my ass? is it Maorimans ass?
  • markmahem 16.1.2012
  • Maoriman 15.1.2012
    Very very awesome - Faved!
  • SnakeYukin 15.1.2012
    Oh dear... not an it.
  • NeoChomik 15.1.2012
    What can it be?!
  • ourWorld_Online 15.1.2012
    Very thrilling. Sweet comic!
  • NathanTo 15.1.2012
  • Kio 15.1.2012
    Oh this is great! I wonder was "It" is!
  • Longer 15.1.2012
    Já se zaměřuju na vtip ve stripech, o vzhled mi nejde. Taky to zatím neumím a bylo peklo vůbec předělat tu černou skvrnu na červenou :D No možná po zkouškách něco zkusím vymyslet pěkného.
  • Neinire 15.1.2012
    Jo to znám, je to fakt na dlouho.. viz moje booklety o Madhunterech, tam jsem si taky mákla:)
  • Longer 15.1.2012
    Tak pak si to můžeš usnadnit když si vytvořený větší celky uložíš do knihovny na pozdější použití, můžeš ty prvky i sdílet s ostatníma, to už asi víš ;)
  • MissFrankenstein 15.1.2012
    @ Longer: Mno, docela hafo dlouho. Tak tři hodinky určitě, pokud mám v hlavě koncept, co tam asi tak bude. Zatím se pořád ještě učím, tak mi všechno šíleně trvá :)

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