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7 Days a Psycho (cover)

MissFrankenstein on 13. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

7 Days a Psycho (cover)
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  • ChristopherS 27.1.2012
    That'd be me then. ;D
  • Gota 16.1.2012
    Really like the lighting from the candle, the multiple light rings mannnnn, so awesome.
  • markmahem 16.1.2012
    Very cool!
  • gregheffleydude1 15.1.2012
    Great job.
  • qenene 15.1.2012
    ^ ^
  • Elgar 14.1.2012
    vážně psycho
  • MissFrankenstein 14.1.2012
    @ Longer: Pokračování mělo bejt dneska, uvidíme, v kolik se vrátím večer z venku, třeba to ještě stihnu :D

    @ gogeta: If I can get home at a reasonable time in the evening, I'll hopefully publish next episode :)
  • Longer 14.1.2012
    Bude i pokračování?
  • MissFrankenstein 13.1.2012
    @Quag: What's with your luck? Things aren't going as well as planned, not even on this wonderful day? :D
  • Quag54 13.1.2012
    It's plenty dark enough. I'm not planning on adding a strip today the way my luck has be running.
  • dadebomb123 13.1.2012
    good lighting
  • 35sheep 13.1.2012
    Great one!
  • NathanTo 13.1.2012
    Awesome work.
  • Maoriman 13.1.2012
    Faved! I really like this...
  • Zoltar 13.1.2012
    VERY well done !!
  • kennyreid 13.1.2012
    oh and loving your activity here, good to see a newbie embrace the community, stick with us, youll go far
  • kennyreid 13.1.2012
    darkness is spot on kiddo, i TOTALLY missed that it was 13th friday

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