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Retro contest - results!

Varg on 10. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

Retro contest - results!
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  • Maoriman 25.1.2014
    Hey I just realized I'm considered an oldie^^
  • stihl 11.6.2012
  • Patrickfan9 6.6.2012
    Gratz To The Winner!
  • benjamin895 12.1.2012
    gratz varg on a well hosted contest.. oh, and for bribery:D
  • Maoriman 11.1.2012
    Congratz on bribed and a great contest Varg....
  • NathanTo 11.1.2012
    Lol, Magique the comment copier!
  • asfaltocaldo 11.1.2012
    congs on bribed, merit also to this interesting contest
  • Magique 11.1.2012
    Gratz on bribed and gratz to the winners ;D

    Varg ^ ^
  • Tproductions 11.1.2012
    Gratz on bribed and gratz to the winners ;D
  • wich 11.1.2012
    GRATZ !
  • cirkuz 11.1.2012
    grats to all entries
  • Varg 11.1.2012
    Thanks for getting this bribed guys, it gets even more glory for the winners!

    Noonie: It was your exceptional work with light and shadow that made you the winner! But it was hard to choose between you and maoriman...

    edited by owner

  • sulegnA 11.1.2012
    congratz everyone
  • NathanTo 11.1.2012
    Gratz on bribed.
  • 35sheep 11.1.2012
    Grats Varg! (And to the winners again!)
  • Kharma 11.1.2012
    Congratz to winners!!
  • asfaltocaldo 11.1.2012
    thank you so much! I really didn't expect to win...
    congs to all winners and participants, I loved most of the strips proposed!
    congs also to Varg, who cleverly proposed such an inspiring competition (as shown by the number and quality of contributions) and gave newbies like me the pleasure of tasting old times in SG...
  • qenene 11.1.2012
    The contest has been very successful.
  • SnakeYukin 11.1.2012
    Congrats to them.
  • MJardin 11.1.2012
    Congrats to those sharp-edged masters...
    I gotta go blur something.

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