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"Killed" The Engine Badge

Kio on 9. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

"Killed" The Engine Badge
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  • QuickRedFox 5.3.2012
    I used to do that with apple ads. lol.
  • gregheffleydude1 3.3.2012
    Nice job.
  • Seteemio 13.2.2012
  • Kio 4.2.2012
    Thank you all, you're so kind!
  • Veronique 1.2.2012
    AMAZING !!!
    great silhouette
  • justhoffmann 21.1.2012
    Nice badge you got here =D
  • asfaltocaldo 14.1.2012
    I'll earn it easily I suppose, considering how many times my PC has just refused to let me finish my strips
  • ourWorld_Online 10.1.2012
    I want it.
  • NeoChomik 10.1.2012
  • kennyreid 10.1.2012
    i recomend others do the same, for example, tis a good idea we have all been discussing here, kill the engine!!!!!
  • Kio 10.1.2012
    Thanks people!, Your comments are much appreciated!
    -That's great! :D and thank you :)
  • kennyreid 10.1.2012
    i gotta reply all the strips that deserve this badge, ive pushed the engine a bit too far at times, great chick too
  • Tproductions 10.1.2012
    Awesome :D
  • Ambrosius77 10.1.2012
    Hahaha! fantastic contours and good badge idea.
  • Kio 10.1.2012
    Thank you for your support! :-)
    @MM - I didn't think she would suit hair for this badge, So I made her without hair.. Hair or not, we are all beautiful :-)

    edited by owner

  • Maoriman 10.1.2012
    Just a question...does she have any hair?
  • Maoriman 9.1.2012
    Bring it on BABY!
  • Magique 9.1.2012
    Sexy girl ..
  • sulegnA 9.1.2012
    yeah! could win
  • SnakeYukin 9.1.2012
    No! Not the engine.

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