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I believe...

Ambrosius77 on 9. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

I believe...
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  • wspSOFTIE 10.1.2012
    Such a great job! Well done, gratz on bribed and faved as hell! :D
  • Ambrosius77 10.1.2012
    Thank You all for the support! I am glad You liked it, I almost not published this strip.

    I make two types of strips nowadays: experimental strips using random types of shapes and methods that do not went to publish or library item expanding/developing/upgrading strips using crazy amount of time and detail.

    None of them has a final visible result. I am too shy and perfectionist for publishing not flawless strips...

    Maybe I will make more experimental strips as they could be good for inspiration too.
  • Magique 10.1.2012
    Gratz . . .
  • 35sheep 10.1.2012
    Great joker - grats!
  • markmahem 10.1.2012
  • MJardin 10.1.2012
    Sweet pointillism.
  • deadlierlizard 10.1.2012
  • rukowski 10.1.2012
  • muppetauthor5 10.1.2012
    Wonderful, congrats.
  • gregheffleydude1 10.1.2012
    Amazing job! Gratz!
  • benjamin895 10.1.2012
    congalabonga mate:)
  • kennyreid 9.1.2012
    awesome dude, well done on getting back on the bribe list
  • Maoriman 9.1.2012
    Congratz on a pimply faced bribed^^
  • cirkuz 9.1.2012
  • Zoltar 9.1.2012
    CONGA ... on having your face covered in balls ! :D
  • SnakeYukin 9.1.2012
    Wonderful as usual.
  • NeoChomik 9.1.2012
    Oh its THAT joker again...
    nicely done, though not a fan of this joker.
  • cirkuz 9.1.2012
    hello police...i just "spotted" the joker!
  • Varg 9.1.2012
    Nice experiment!
  • Elgar 9.1.2012

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