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Undertaker Tales ep.3

begbie on 5. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

Undertaker Tales ep.3
  • Description

    A tale of two undertakers and their struggle to survive in the cruel world of business



    Die little vermin,

    Die, oh hi boss. I am killing roaches, they are everywhere. What's up?

    What are you using to kill roaches? We don't have a bug sprey.

    I am using water

    Water can not kill the roaches ..

    I know, but roaches do not know.

    Ok, stop what you doing, we have a customer. I need your help with a grave stone.

    Wow customer! tomorrow we eat. So tell me about him, what am i going to write on grave stone?

    He was 99 years old and hypochondriac. He wrote his own epitaph. It says:
    " I told you i am sick".

    gravedigger, mortician, business
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