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Fool Strip

JRMarklin on 5. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

Fool Strip
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    Remember when there was no?

    Te acuerdas cuando no había?

    Fool Strip, Joke
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  • gregheffleydude1 14.1.2012
    I want Christmas Ball Yellow for free!
  • Quag54 5.1.2012
    ...balls ?
  • NathanTo 5.1.2012
    I need yellow and green!
  • opeluna1 5.1.2012
    no, no habia llegado aqui
  • Kio 5.1.2012
    I'm still there.. But I love the strips people are making with the Yellow! Yellow, and green, makes everything so beautiful since you can create almost every color that exist. :) - I'm really psyched up for the up-coming colors in 2012! If I have to pay for it, oh yes I will! ;D
    Stripgenerator rocks!

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