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SG has a Forum! Who Knew?

EdWilder on 3. Jan, 2012 — Lang: English

SG has a Forum! Who Knew?
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    For those who are like me, who did not know there was a forum, here is the link:


    This strip is a reply to SG for DUMMIES Contest!



    This strip blog idea is awesome!

    I love comics and I love micro blogging, this is a perfect match for me! I've been looking forward of doing something new on the internet and good thing Attack of the Show introduced this site.

    Thanks alot, Žiga Aljaž, Martin Glavač, David Kuridža, Bojan Hribernik, Boštjan Lukša, and Andraž Logar. You guys are geniuses!


    P.S. There are so many creative users using stripgen... it's a joy reading around the archive section.

    Cool...I've been on SG since October, 2011 and had no idea there was a FORUM...A tip of the hat to OccamsRayzor for a comment he made on someone's work, where he mentions "The Forum"...
    After looking around, I found it in a fairly unobstusive spot at the bottom of the SG page.
    Gosh...the forum is chock full of some great info and gossip!
    Maybe I'll drum up the nerve to start posting there!

    To make it easier to find, I put a link to the forum in the description of this comic...

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  • Ancyd 19.3.2012
    I might've noticed it, just never gave it any thought . . .
  • vogelbekdier 19.3.2012
    same here :-)
  • ourWorld_Online 19.3.2012
    It took me a while to find it, too.
  • gregheffleydude1 6.1.2012
    Good strip.
  • 35sheep 4.1.2012
    Probably! :-)
  • EdWilder 4.1.2012
    Don't tell me...Zoltar made this one, too?
  • Maoriman 4.1.2012
    Hehehehe you're not the first person to make this strip...
  • cirkuz 4.1.2012
    i've been to the forum...but the best time i ever had was a threesome!
  • asfaltocaldo 3.1.2012
    btw, nice strip, good turning page trick
  • asfaltocaldo 3.1.2012
    I myself found out about the SG forum by mere chance (thanks to a comment by opeluna1 to a strip) and peeped into it every now and then. you're right, it's a good and useful tool but I spend most of my time here on strips and sometimes I forget it exists.
    Thanks for this strip, reminding us about this opportunity to learn to use the system and to suggest tips to improve it.
  • NathanTo 3.1.2012
    Only a few know about the forum!
  • EdWilder 3.1.2012
  • Quag54 3.1.2012
    looks like you've learned a few tricks, grasshopper.
  • EdWilder 3.1.2012
  • markmahem 3.1.2012
  • Varg 3.1.2012
    I was here for more than three years before I found the forum... not very high profile is it... ;)
  • sulegnA 3.1.2012
    it happened, but i don't use it too much
  • opeluna1 3.1.2012
  • qenene 3.1.2012
    Hahaha. It's the same story for everyone. People use to last into discover there is a forum.

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