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100 bribed strips!!

Varg on 27. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

100 bribed strips!!
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  • Brezhoneg 2.11.2012
  • abrotons 8.5.2012
  • deadlierlizard 29.1.2012
    nice varg :)
  • Madsie 19.1.2012
  • Heinrich 13.1.2012
    Yeah, having friends sure helps the process. But .... are they really friends? (mwahahaha <- evil laugh)
    Aaa, I forgot ... Congratulations! (using the full word for such a great occasion).
  • Varg 4.1.2012
    Ambrosius: I agree, the bribery system is not perfect... It has improved with the new 8 hour interval... Before I had a very hard time getting bribed, because the time I usually made strips was just a few hours before the bribing time... But it´s still VERY dependant on a lot of variables, like number of friends for example...
  • benjamin895 4.1.2012
    wow! gratz varg... you have deserved each and every one:)
  • Ambrosius77 4.1.2012
    The worst part of bribery than only 3 can be bribed, it can be manipulated and sometimes the results are unfair.

    Sometimes I becomes sad because I see one of my friends outdone themself make a lot of time and effort on this strip and it still remains unnoticed.

    Daily deviations for example picked by users, do not have to bound on a date and a lot more creations are shown than here (but considering the number of deviations it's more like less than here).

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  • Bruce889 2.1.2012
    I have 0 bribeds, are Varg?
    NathanTo tell me about you..
  • Zuber 31.12.2011
    well done! congrats Varg.
  • gregheffleydude1 30.12.2011
    100th bribed! Wow! Gratz! Right now I only have 3 bribed strips.
  • dawg123 27.12.2011
    Wow congrats!
  • NathanTo 27.12.2011
  • Marle 27.12.2011
    Grats! It may be same, but it looks great!
  • sulegnA 27.12.2011
    congratz varg, you deserved it
  • 35sheep 27.12.2011
    Great - grats!
  • Tproductions 27.12.2011
    Great :D!

    COANGA ON 100 BRIBEDS btw :D!

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  • Patrickfan9 27.12.2011
    Amazing!!!!!! Gratz!!!!!! you are a great artist!
  • Varg 27.12.2011
    Although I had my first bribed within a week of joining SG, 96 of these strips are from the last 1½ years... The new tools really helped my career as a strip artist... ;) (Masking is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread!!)

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  • markmahem 27.12.2011
    WOAH! AMAZING! Im still at 0. XD

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