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Remember the Old Times-Landscape Contest

Varg on 26. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

Remember the Old Times-Landscape Contest
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  • syke 10.6.2012
    Yeah true.
  • abrotons 8.5.2012
    interesting, but I think it's too late for me
  • asfaltocaldo 14.1.2012
    joining this contest was real fun... your proposal turned out to be successful among oldies and newbies alike!
  • CrustyB 14.1.2012
    Why, back in my day, we used animal blood to draw crude stick figures on the walls of our caves. And we loved it! We liked it just fine!
  • Quag54 10.1.2012
    Back when I was just drawing with pencil, blur was rubbing the lead into the paper with your finger, @Varg.
  • calm 29.12.2011
    It looks as if you had a great idea for a contest, Varg!
    Congrats! :-)

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  • MegaByte 28.12.2011
    Great idea. But I will not join this contest. I must control my own contest... :D
  • asfaltocaldo 28.12.2011
    just managed to make one - I'm in too!
    congs on double!
  • gregheffleydude1 28.12.2011
    Gratz on bribed.
  • Doll 27.12.2011
    Oooo look at Varg's awesome contest. Gotta join this one for sure.
  • Varg 27.12.2011
    It is a completely different way of thinking, when you can´t use blur... it´s a bit more demanding! Which is what I find so stimulating about it! :)
  • MJardin 27.12.2011
    Sorry, Varg. I tried. To me a strip without the blur tool is like a day without simulated sunshine streaming through the simulated window.
    I'm a Noob...
  • lama 27.12.2011
  • greta_grot 27.12.2011
    cool idea!
  • opeluna1 27.12.2011
    not all old times were best
    good initative though
  • sulegnA 27.12.2011
    OK, I'LL TRY!
  • Tproductions 27.12.2011
    Coanga on double bribed varg ;D!
  • Varg 27.12.2011
    35sheep: it IS!! I´m drowning in nostalgia!!
    Muppetauthor5: Ohhh... the yellow we had but couldn´t use... Those were the days!! <3
  • Patrickfan9 27.12.2011
    Might do it!
  • muppetauthor5 27.12.2011
    Indeed very fun, I remember I got the yellow glitch to work once by accident, could never do it again though.

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