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1920s Guys Trash Talking

CrustyB on 23. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

1920s Guys Trash Talking
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    Sorry if I made anyone pick up a dictionary.



    Your dear mother did callude with the Hessians during the Great World War I!

    Your sister failed to wear proper skirt weights whilst swimming!

    Your brother failed to aid a lady descending from her carriage seat!

    Your father wears a dickie! GUFFAW!

    Scalliwag! I ought to pound you!

    Let us come to fisticuffs!

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  • Brezhoneg 24.12.2011
    excellent ^^
  • qenene 24.12.2011
    Hahaha. Hilarius vintage boxing position.
  • Scales 23.12.2011
    I do love the use of the word "fisticuffs". I try to use it in normal conversation but it never turns out the way I plan.
  • cirkuz 23.12.2011
    furshaw! twernt nothing me bucko!
  • CheeseYAY 23.12.2011
  • begbie 23.12.2011
    hahaha funny
  • Zoltar 23.12.2011
    FAVS !!

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