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Shadow-Helms--Come Forth!

MJardin on 19. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

Shadow-Helms--Come Forth!
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    It's kinda like the A-Team...only way creepier and soul-devouring.



    With the unmoving implacability of the earth--Qingu!

    With the ceaseless persistence of the breaking seas...

    With the unending hunger of raw flame--Raijin!

    With the pitiless cold of the endless sky...Ciann!

    Shadow-Helms...Come forth!

    You know what I'm sayin?

    Okay. You wanna see the whole team? I'll show you the whole team...


    Uh oh.

    Awright. Where the hell is Raijin?

    I was afraid of this...

    I was just afraid.
    Now I'm terrified.

    Shadowmen, Shadowhunter
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  • MJardin 21.12.2011
    @ N.P.B. He was killed about twelve strips ago in a horrific battle...
  • 35sheep 19.12.2011
    Wooops ...
  • calm 19.12.2011 bought the Xmas Theme Pack! This looks amazing! :-)
  • Stiltsen 19.12.2011
    Intense!! If you make sure the text boxes are slightly larger than they have to be, even on 0% opacity, then you won't lose any words... ever.
  • MJardin 19.12.2011
    What the hell is up with the text!?!
    I triple-checked it to be sure no words were cut off!

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