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my X-mass ( prediction)

Azzie13 on 17. Dec, 2011 — Lang: No text

my X-mass ( prediction)
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  • gregheffleydude1 18.1.2012
    We had snow.
  • NathanTo 18.12.2011
    It's the same in my area...
  • Scales 18.12.2011
    Here in Texas, we have two seasons, too hot or it's raining. Nice pic.
  • SnakeYukin 18.12.2011
    Verily rarely has there been a white Christmas
  • Neinire 17.12.2011
    ja ja... lucky in my country start snowing today:)
  • markmahem 17.12.2011
    thats sad. :(
  • NeoChomik 17.12.2011
    Who knows. it happen to me, that i had white christmas after all
  • opeluna1 17.12.2011
    ok, too bad I guess
    here it's supossed to be the dry season but on the contrary we are facing huge floods all over the country...
    Wish you a happy holidays, Azzie!
  • dawg123 17.12.2011
    Like how you did the rain!

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