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Alone In The Woods_part 11

benjamin895 on 15. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

Alone In The Woods_part 11
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    well, this series has come to an end.. thanks to everyone who commented and joined us on this journey of self discovery...

    and of course thanks to the game 'limbo' which because of this series i still haven't finished yet:P

    This strip is a reply to Alone In The Woods_part 9, Alone In The Woods_part 10



    I am me, but reborn...
    and now, i fear not...
    i can see my future...
    it is bright, it is full of hope...
    for my family is here beside me...
    i stand tall...
    and i am alone, no more.


    M... Mum!?

    alone, woods, family, love, strength
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  • stihl 23.4.2013
    happy end :)
  • syke 7.7.2012
    touching and inspiriting!!
  • thecomic 8.6.2012
    OK this series was very strong! I liked it a lot man. Keep on going!
  • abrotons 28.5.2012
    genial, the whole booklet
  • Ancyd 7.4.2012
    He's found himself and his future at last! ☻

    edited by owner

  • Flamingdeath 11.2.2012
  • Magique 21.1.2012
  • jenniecoyote 23.12.2011
    The strips in this booklet are amazing. I'm a librarian, and I would buy a graphic novel done in this style. I'd buy this if it was a book. The art is breathtaking and the minimalism of text makes the story come alive even more. Just really well-done
  • benjamin895 23.12.2011
    haha yeah, commission would be great!;)
  • kennyreid 23.12.2011
    i liked that about the game, played it recenty (you should get commission) and i loved the anti-game elements, like totally against type.

    clever clever
  • benjamin895 23.12.2011
    yeah mate, i can see how you could turn this into a very dark n disturbing theme, i originally thought about that... no doubt you could have a lot of fun with it;)

    but whilst i was playing the game i thought it was no fun that the boy was avoiding the spider, i wanted him to do battle with the spider coz i thought that would have been sweet!
  • kennyreid 23.12.2011
    just an idea dude, would be an interesting as well as very disturbing twist... might save that for a future series for meself
  • benjamin895 23.12.2011
    @kenny.. this is no dream. he got lost from his family, whilst on vacation.. hence the fear, the loneliness.. a small boy lost, and afraid.. the underlying moral of the story is about over coming fear and how love and the support of family gives us strength to shed our fear..

    but, to answer the question.. dad is probably off in another direction looking for the boy;)
  • kennyreid 23.12.2011
    shame this series ends, i know you kept it simple, but i want to know... wheres the dad? possibly..... the reason he has such violent dreams?
  • Floxo 19.12.2011
    So the show must go on!
  • Floxo 19.12.2011
  • calm 19.12.2011
    You are so talented, B-895! I hate that this series is over, but you never fail to surprise and entertain. :-)
  • i_am_awesome 17.12.2011
  • juggalo666666 16.12.2011
  • leoloko263 16.12.2011
    eeeeeeeeee oooooooo great

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