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The Lone Wanderer: "Derrick"

TheDivineChicken on 15. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

The Lone Wanderer: "Derrick"
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    The Lone Wanderer thinks about his childhood and how he met Derrick, his guitar. I hope you enjoy it....Stay tuned!

    This strip is a reply to The Lonesome Wanderer: Prologue



    One day I was busking for some food money, the music flowed like blood through my veins. As I was playing, I started to recall an old memory.....

    I started to think about the day I met Derrick, my good and only friend, the guitar that kept me alive through my adolescence. I met him during first grade at San Alfredo Elementary school. There was this boy, I forgot his name, he had Derrick in his hands but he was treating the guitar like shit. Thinking he was on top of the world and crap, but he didn't appreciate the very object he was holding in his hand and fuck, he didn't even know how to hold the damn thing. He was just waving the thing around like it was his dick, yelling that he was Van Halen or something......

    Oh yea, my dad just bought me this guitar, I'm pretty cool, like Van Halen, YEAAA!!!!!


    Your so awesome!!!!!

    So cool man!!

    Come on, let's get away from that creepy hybrid kid...

    As the rich, show-boating first grader left with his posse, he didn't realize that he had left his guitar behind. Being the poor, more "righteous" and appreciative person, I did what anybody in my position would do.......okay I stole it, but the kid would forget about it anyway. He would realize that he lost his guitar and just ask his dad to buy him another one, and by the next week, he was again flailing another guitar screaming until he finally discovered "the gameboy". But I didn't just steal that guitar for the greater good; out of greed, I thought I could be as cool as that kid was......

    He doesn't even suspect a thing...Jackpot! I am playing for food money on some street corner...hehe irony is a funny thing, served with a "fuck you" I guess....

    I think that kid's a CEO of some company now...haha shit.......

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  • ishmal354 16.12.2011
    Ah. This is why comics exist. Superb job. Substance in story and its visually intriguing. Kepp it up, man.
  • JarrodStephen 15.12.2011
    I love your sense of perspective here. Nice work. Faved!
  • Zoltar 15.12.2011
    AWESOME and FAVS !!!!
  • bithex96 15.12.2011
    awesome history!

    still faved!!

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