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Alone In The Woods_part 9

benjamin895 on 11. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

Alone In The Woods_part 9
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  • stihl 23.4.2013
    great scenes, favs !
  • syke 7.7.2012
    So good.a pleasure to read.
  • abrotons 28.5.2012
    so very good!
  • Ancyd 7.4.2012
    Great series! Love the karate-like moves!
  • Flamingdeath 11.2.2012
  • Madsie 3.1.2012
  • Brezhoneg 19.12.2011
    great !
  • calm 19.12.2011
    What? Did I miss some pics of you on SG? :-(
    Congrats on your featured artist status too.
  • nikster07 15.12.2011
    Very cool I love this series plz keep them comming
  • kennyreid 14.12.2011
  • JarrodStephen 14.12.2011
    Wow... This is some crazy cool stuff. I loved Limbo and you have more than done it justice. Haunting and just straight up great. Kudos!
  • benjamin895 14.12.2011
    @zoltar.. too slow:P
  • Zoltar 14.12.2011
    DAMN !!! I wanted to say what Streetin wrote !!!!
  • benjamin895 14.12.2011
    LOL@streetin.. i was hungry;)

    @opeluna.. i'm so glad it puts a smile on your face, it always does mine;)
  • opeluna1 14.12.2011
    smiles on my face every time you change your profile pic,
    thanks so much Ben for sharing!
  • opeluna1 13.12.2011
    love your profile pic today!
  • Streetin 13.12.2011
    this series has top-notch art!

    ....But why is your profile pic a man about to eat a baby?
  • benjamin895 12.12.2011
    cheers guys!:)

    only a couple more left in this series then i will wrap it up;)

    all the best to everyone for the xmas holidays and the new year!:)
  • opeluna1 12.12.2011
    Congratz on FA, very well deserved,
    Beautiful pic of your kids I suppose, congratz on that too
    Have a wonderful christmas, Ben, cheers from Colombia
  • Quag54 12.12.2011
    Congratz and best of the holidays season, Ben !

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