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Moose, Moore or Mouse?

Greengaroo on 8. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

Moose, Moore or Mouse?
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    So I installed Moose and I'm telling you, dude! This is like Perl with a BOOB job!

    But... speaking of boob job... don't you prefer Demi Moore BEFORE she had one?

    double click to write...


    double click to write...

    OK let's try Mouse instead...

    perl, geek, nerd, computer, moose, mouse, boob job, demi moore
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  • Greengaroo 14.12.2013
    Sorry I took so long to reply. My point is: my characters don't like boob jobs. Is that sexist to say?
  • iowneurope 28.8.2012
    bottom line, if you want crappy temporary software that will crash your system, go with boob job brogramming.

    Other than that, Greengaroo, remember that there are Ladies who program too. #sexistcomic
  • iowneurope 28.8.2012
    1. Some guys prefer only a handful, so boob jobs aren't sexy for everyone.

    2. Boob jobs, depending on the type you get can be temporary, life threatening (surgery OR they burst), or look terrible

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