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Banff Boy has had it.

banffboy on 28. Oct, 2007 — Lang: English

Banff Boy has had it.
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    Banff Boy asks once again if he can get a litle work from the ACMG. The technical director makes it quite clear that he will never get in on the lucrative ACMG work. So Banff Boy decides that he is going to go it on his own. The association is not servicing his needs nor does it represent him. In fact only 10% of its members have a vote on constitutional issues. So the 3 level of gym guides, hiking guides, climbing guides, ski guides, alpine guides, backpacking guide, snow golf guides, see eye dog guides and god knows what else kinda guides have NO vote on the things that effect their occupations. So banff Boy realises that his hard earned money is being spent kissing Euro Ass like that has anything to do with the Canadian Guiding market. But he will soon learn that ACMG spy's are everywhere in in the Parks Canada admin building.

    guide climbing euro ass kissers
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  • banffboy 28.10.2007
    The on going saga of Banff Boy and his troubles to get a permit to work in the national park. Despite having worked in the park for 20 years accident free and tons of experience. Meanwhile the Alpine Club of Canada can run a guiding company with untrained volunteer labour. The university of Calgary does what ever it wants. The living room in Banff runs a guiding company.

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