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Alone In The Woods_part 5

benjamin895 on 5. Dec, 2011 — Lang: No text

Alone In The Woods_part 5
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    my weary eyes grow ever more weak...
    but close them i can not...
    the forrest watches over me...
    it sees the sadness in my heart...
    compassion, it knows not of..
    it's many eyes see my journey through...
    only to wish upon it's fateful demise..
    for it knows i walk alone..
    it knows..
    i am alone..

    just to be clear on something..

    ..only the part 1 of this series was a recreated screen shot from the game 'limbo'. it was a test to see if i could pull this series off with due respect to game. since then i have (inspired directly from the game itself) taken this little kid lost in the woods on a different journey that will see him battle against one of natures true wonders.. the spider.. which is not part of the game. infact, in the game the kid must avoid the spider at all cost or perish..

    ok, cheers guys:)

    i also wrote the poetry.. i hope it adds to the atmosphere and storytelling..

    This strip is a reply to i'm sorry.. was this yours?, Alone In The Woods_Part 1, Alone In The Woods_part 2, Alone In The Woods_part 3, Alone In The Woods_part 4, Alone In The Woods_part 6
    alone, woods, scared, darkness, spiders
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