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Breakbreak2 on 1. Dec, 2011 — Lang: Espanol

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  • asfaltocaldo 10.12.2011
    SG is a beautiful place and it's difficult to keep off it but we all have our ups and downs and it's not easy to be regularly active for long... welcome back!
  • Brezhoneg 7.12.2011
    I'm reading strips on 11 oct, coz of lot of job, so my own "come back" will be difficult ^^
  • Fizzle 1.12.2011
    @Breakbreak2 Nah, Ik heb liever max. 10.001

    P.S. Welcome back.

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  • NathanTo 1.12.2011
    Welcome back.
  • Breakbreak2 1.12.2011
    xD, thanks, oke this is what i gonna do: min. 1 strip each week and max. 10000, so can i come back little for little, hoe vind je die!??!!?!?
  • Azzie13 1.12.2011
    school is important, it is your own choice
  • Soulguy 1.12.2011
    come back
  • Floxo 1.12.2011
    Welcome back

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