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MJardin on 1. Dec, 2011 — Lang: English

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    Bad news travels fast.



    We have a visitor.

    Would you call this non-represenational, or nonsensical?


    The title is, 'My Soul Soars Again.'
    It makes me hungry.

    You need to listen.

    No kidding.
    Look, do you know a guy called 'The Shadowhunter?'

    You appear distraught.

    So you do know him...

    No. I'm serious.
    Dark cloak. Huge sword.
    No sense of humor...

    Very amusing.
    I told you I was sorry about the water balloon--

    Jardin is keeping him occupied...

    Where is the Hunter NOW?

    So the Bear Remover says, "If the bear knocks ME off the roof, you shoot that #^@*ing dog!"

    I do not get it.

    Shadowmen, Shadowhunter
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  • tbudday 1.12.2011
  • MJardin 1.12.2011
    The whole Bear-Remover Joke: (part III)
    See the punchline in the strip.
  • MJardin 1.12.2011
    The whole Bear-Remover Joke: (part II)
    The Bear-Remover says to the homeowner, "Here's the plan, I climb up the ladder with the baseball bat and knock the bear off the roof. The dog has been specially trained to dart forward and seize the bear's testicles in his powerful jaws and hold on. He will not let go until we manuever the bear into the van, drive him 100 miles away and release the bear into the wild."
    "Okay," says the homeowner, "ladder, bat, dog...Hey, what's the shotgun for?"
  • MJardin 1.12.2011
    The whole Bear-Remover Joke: (part I)
    A man moves out to the Alaskan wilderness where he's always wanted to live. He gets up early the first morning to see his first Alaskan sunrise. To his dismay there is a bear on his roof.
    He is told to call a guy called the Bear-Remover, who shows up, sizes up the situation and then takes out of his truck: a ladder, a baseball bat, a pit-bull on a short leash and a shotgun...
  • benjamin895 1.12.2011
    err me either;)
  • kennyreid 1.12.2011
  • cirkuz 1.12.2011
    what the hell does that even mean!?

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