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SG Commandments

Varg on 28. Nov, 2011 — Lang: English

SG Commandments
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  • EdWilder 24.1.2014
    If I could like it a second time, I would! Favourite!
  • JRMarklin 5.1.2014
    I think so ...
    Will be missed 3 for the Ten Commandments in SG!
    Yo pienso así...
    Faltaron 3 para ser los diez mandamientos en SG!!!
  • abrotons 8.5.2012
    This one is great.
    I fully agree to what you say here.
  • Quag54 9.12.2011
    Sorry I missed this. I was away. Well said @Varg !
  • calm 3.12.2011
    Congrats Varg! Nice strip! :-)
  • OccamsRayzor 1.12.2011
    There are some people here who are apparently transparent to satire.
  • Scales 1.12.2011
    We aren't going to have to sing hymns now, are we? Nearer my strip to thee, The old rugged strip, Amazing strip, Jesus lover of my strip, Father Abraham had many strips.
  • Chuck_Norris 30.11.2011
    bttg you suck you un patriotic NERD!

    damn you!
  • bttg 30.11.2011
    if you expect to make a new religion i will follow when there the world stops spinning
  • muppetauthor5 30.11.2011
    gratz! and well said.
  • opeluna1 30.11.2011
  • Zoltar 30.11.2011
    AH!! Look WHO wrote these !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Varg 29.11.2011
    Thanks guys!!
  • Kalmaster 29.11.2011
    you are the boss varg^^
  • asfaltocaldo 29.11.2011
    this community is so special and a basic set of written rules and values makes it even more so - thanks Varg for the idea and the careful working-out - and of course congs on well deserved bribed!
  • dawg123 29.11.2011
    REally like them!
  • dustutuft 29.11.2011
    Congratz on bribed and awesome!^^
  • wishing 29.11.2011
    I do try to be original and have been helped here thanx to all my good friends here :)
  • NathanTo 29.11.2011
  • NeoChomik 29.11.2011
    Greatly wrote... like the message.

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