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The way to get rich and famous with the internet

fusepro on 25. Nov, 2011 — Lang: English

The way to get rich and famous with the internet
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    Wanna know the truth about the internet business? Here you can read it... Maybe you only whant to know about what we talk at the hosting stammtisch located in germany - so this one is for you ;-)





    what can i do today? hm, maybe i should launch an awesome project...

    meanwhile in the fusepro hq

    Ok, i'm on the way - where have you said the party takes place?



    The only way to get
    famous and rich

    - or -

    the thruth about
    internet business

    a production

    right now somewhere in frankfurt

    oh - why do you have so much money???

    @fusepro how i can get rich and famous with the internet?

    few days the ...

    Take the hat from the table and get a black hat seo...

    you talked to the legendary @fusepro???

    yeah - and he's really awesome...

    i can't tell her...

    ... how can i say it to her...

    SAY IT

    ..this black hat has magic forces... so use them carefully!

    here's the story...

    OK OK

    and so it happens...

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