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Government Heroes part 3

galaxyvampire on 19. Nov, 2011 — Lang: English

Government Heroes part 3
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    All in favor of discontining this bill?


    OK, we will discontinue this bill and will not move on to the committe stage, the report stage or the third reading.

    Show Off....

    That Same Day...

    Now it's time for some useless amendments to the first bill of the day...

    I hope we're having pizza for supper!!!

    I wonder what it will be today.

    It better not be another law about food!

    Here comes the new guy...

    Hey, are you guys ready to make some amendments, hehehe!!!

    This is gonna be a long day...!


    My, eh... rights are not, eh... being respected!

    What do you want meeee to do about it!!??

    Well... your part of the Judicial Branch so shouldn't you be making sure my rights are respected??

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