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The Life of an Antigen Presenting Cell Part 2

mdaukulis on 13. Nov, 2011 — Lang: English

The Life of an Antigen Presenting Cell Part 2
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    Ugggghh...I don't feel so good.

    Or what could have happened...

    "Helper T" Cell

    *gasp* It's Helper T! Thank the body you're here! My stomach's killing me.

    Let's take a look, shall we?

    Uh-oh...that's not good...

    What?! What is it?

    You've got a virus and only a few moments to live. BUT DON'T PANIC. I'm creating copies of myself that will be able to fight against this virus, and save the body from infection. I'll be famous!

    Isn't there anything you can do for me though?

    WHAT? What do you mean--



    Antigen presenting cell, virus, comic, funny, Cell mediated Immunity, Helper T Cell, Red Blood Cell, Macrophage, Eo, Neutrophil, B-Cell
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