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Guest Pages - invitation

pszren on 11. Nov, 2011 — Lang: No text

Guest Pages - invitation
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    hello, I would like to invite you all to participate in a project called "Guest Pages". it's the fifth part of the "tandian" minimalistic series.

    What I need:

    1) one page of comics inspired by/related to the tandian series (you get it, those are all dots and frames, but you can do other things too, unless you wish to do dots and frames, I mean :) )

    2) some text. it can be anything you want, anyway the texts will be published next to the page of comics. the texts will be translated to Polish.

    3) signature - I mean if you want, I can use your SG name, but if you want it different, sign the text.

    please make the strip as a reply to this comics, or let me know somehow, that you have created something for the project.

    deadline: the end of this year (2011).

    I will publish the works around January.

    more info (google translated) here:

    anthology, invitation
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