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Swirl tutorial

Azzie13 on 7. Nov, 2011 — Lang: English

Swirl tutorial
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  • paola25 29.2.2012
  • Magique 29.2.2012
  • Fizzle 2.12.2011
    Bedankt. :)
  • Soulguy 29.11.2011
  • Adz2011 26.11.2011
    thx, its helpful
  • Stiltsen 13.11.2011
  • calm 12.11.2011
    It's so nice of you to share your technique! :-)
  • CAPEenKAP 11.11.2011
    ok i understand
  • cambocrazy 10.11.2011
    thats useful thanks
  • benjamin895 8.11.2011
    great stuff.. thanks for sharing:)
  • cirkuz 8.11.2011
    i figured thats how you did it...but now the cat's outt'a da bag!
  • JRMarklin 8.11.2011
    I've always said, you always learn something ...
    Siempre lo he dicho, siempre se aprende algo...
  • Azzie13 7.11.2011
    Everybody have bad habits. Some more than others ;)
  • Ambrosius77 7.11.2011
    Yes, a bad habit I know.
    I am full of bad habits...
  • Azzie13 7.11.2011
    You know you are answering your own question.
  • Ambrosius77 7.11.2011
    Also duplicating resets the turning point to the default location...
    Patience needed...
  • Ambrosius77 7.11.2011
    Not good, pressing D make a small offset. CTRL C CTRL V better
  • Azzie13 7.11.2011
    @Ambrosius yes press the D when you have selected the cactus only the turning is the slowest part. But I think you know that trick either.
  • Ambrosius77 7.11.2011
    Is there a fast way for the second step? that would be useful for the iris textures too.
  • wishing 7.11.2011
    thank you for this lovely tutorial!

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