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Style And Class

terwallace on 4. Nov, 2011 — Lang: English

Style And Class
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    He brings up some good points really. I mean, yeah, anyone can be evil, but to truly be an Evil Overlord? Style, Class and so much more are required.

    Plus, from a creative standpoint, the best villains always have something likeable about them, and even a small touch of humanity now and then.



    You honestly thought Operation Z was a good idea?!

    Y..Yes! I mean, it was simple, and highly cost effective!

    And it should finally get us the answers we need.

    You really don't even know where you went wrong with this one, do you Scott?

    I...but...the plan...

    Shut up Scott. Shut up and listen.

    Do you know what being an Evil Overlord involves?

    It involes a balance between many things. There are rules! Guidelines! Traditions! And you need to be Evil!

    But, but this plan IS evil!

    Shut the hell up Scott!

    Let me make this clear to you. I am an Evil Overlord.

    Then I'll take whatever's left, grind it up and sell it to an island full of cannibals as a "Mystery Meat Blend."

    After that, I'll make out with any hot female relatives he has at the service, bang his girlfriend and drive off in his car.

    You need more! Style! Class! Intelligence!

    Emphasis on EVIL!

    If someone messes with me, I will happily ruin his life! Then I'll empty his bank account.

    After that, I'll kill him where he stands, harvest his organs and sell 'em on the black market.

    Then I'll proceed to laugh, dance and sing while they hold a funeral service over his empty coffin in the rain.

    And when that's done, I'll piss on his grave and rub my junk all over his tombstone.

    And if there's time, I'll blow something up and/or set something on fire, just to cap off my day.

    Because turkey's good, but it's better with mashed potatoes and gravy, you dig?

    And I'll do all of that, every last bit of it, with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.

    Because I AM EVIL!



    So even if you ignore the bad Press, even if you ignore that many of my minions have KIDS AT THAT SCHOOL, you still have to realize that some things just AREN'T DONE!

    Evil Overlord, Scott Marm, Operation Z
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  • Maoriman 30.11.2011
    Good speech - now I see why he lectured in evil....
  • cirkuz 5.11.2011
    so my guess is all the afore mentioned will happen to scott...after he cleans up his mess of course...
  • Flamingdeath 4.11.2011
    I don't do vengence killing unless I make sure I get a little extra for my relatives.They've always told me,"Anyone messes with you,we will beat the crap outta them". And if I take care of it,I get them a little treat,like divide up their bank account,or some valubale item,or I just let them help me out.I got a crazy family,but their the GOOD-ish kind of crazy.
  • Azzie13 4.11.2011
    I really like your serie.
  • terwallace 4.11.2011
    There's a short story called "Desiccation" up on if you wanna check it out. Made an attempt at a horror/suspense type thing, came out pretty decent. If you read it, let me know what you think!
  • Nikeair 4.11.2011
    Me too! I'm with Ruko!
  • rukowski 4.11.2011
    cool can I read it anywhere?
  • terwallace 4.11.2011
    @Rukowski-I dabble a little here and then, have some stuff completed, but I haven't been able to do much with it yet. Still looking at it though.
  • rukowski 4.11.2011
    you ever thought about writing ?
  • Quag54 4.11.2011
    We finally got there, good one !
  • gregheffleydude1 4.11.2011
    Good terwallace

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