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Roman to Feudalism Timeline

makaela2017 on 1. Nov, 2011 — Lang: English

Roman to Feudalism Timeline
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    I made this for Mr. Sanders history class.



    Diocleatian Empire 284 B.C.

    That's wrong Diocletian Empire was ruled by Diocletain and his Empire was systematic.

    Diocletain died in 308 AD

    Diocletain was a bad ruler.

    No he wasn't!

    Since you know it all what happened next.

    Constantine moves the Roman Capital 330 B.C.

    Constantine moved the Roman Capital to Constan-tinople.

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    Rome Falls 476 B.C.

    Rome Falls because of invaders and bad rulers.

    Justinian dies 565 B.C

    Justantin dies in 565 B.C because of some natural causes.

    What happens next?

    The Dark Ages 476-1000 B.C

    The Dark ages started when the Roman Empire fell. Then the bubonic plague started which killed millions of people.

    Feudalism 1000 B.C

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    After all of that there was the start of Feudalism. That was when lords gave land for nobility.

    You learned more about history and I learned that you know nothing about history.

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