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The Kenny's of Another Dimension

kennyreid on 20. Oct, 2011 — Lang: English

The Kenny's of Another Dimension
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    The Kenny's of Another Dimension

    for Neochomik's alternative dimension contest.

    Some of you may recognise these chaps as earlier verions of me on SG.

    Kenny1. He is from a dimension where I an artist, and never strived to improve my skills on Stripgenerator. ultimatly existing in a string of ninja based dirty jokes.

    Kenny 2.0. In a dimension where the Bespeciled Pig never died, he retired from the world of art and became an illustration icon, with his style and look.

    Kenny 3 (The Regeneration). This Kenny made a choice... that choice was a left turn on a T junction on a road, instead of a Right turn, ultimatly he lives on in a world similar to ours, but with minor differences, proving that all desisions have an effect.

    Kenny 4. This Kenny, always existed in a persistant state of battle, from day 1 on SG he challenged all to strip battles, leading him to dominate SG with a refined style and ability to pulverise all in his path.

    Kenny 5. The Kenny you know now, the natural evolution of my style in SG and in life, he has a mean streak, a STREAK THAT WILL CONTINUE..... next maori

    This strip is a reply to You know my name...., Alternative dimension contest, Streetin- Alternate Dimension Versions, Trouble In Time, alternative dimension, The time of end is set!, LISTEN UP!!! (plz read descript)



    wow, its ....... me me me me

    dimension, neo, neochomik, kenny, kennyreid
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